Macquarie University
地址:      Balaclava Road, North Ryde, Sydney 2109
General English--每週學費460澳幣
Academic English--每週學費460澳幣, 入學標準依雅斯成績和就學課程而定
University Entry Preparation--每週學費460澳幣, 入學標準為取得入學資格學生
Introductory Academic Program--每週學費460澳幣
Standard Foundation Program --28個星期課程, 學費24480澳幣, 入學標準為完成高二, 雅斯成績5.5分以上
Intensive Foundation Program--14個星期課程, 學費16200澳幣, 入學標準為高中畢業, 雅斯成績6.0分以上
Diploma of Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration--28個星期課程, 學費29400澳幣, 入學標準為完成高中畢業, 雅斯成績6.0分以上
Diploma of Engineering--28個星期課程, 學費29400澳幣, 入學標準為高中畢業, 雅斯成績6.0分以上
Diploma of Information Technology--28個星期課程, 學費29400澳幣, 入學標準為高中畢業, 雅斯成績6.0分以上
Diploma of Engineering--28個星期課程, 學費29400澳幣, 入學標準為高中畢業, 雅斯成績6.0分以上
Diploma of Media and Communication--28個星期課程, 學費29400澳幣, 入學標準為高中畢業, 雅斯成績6.0分以上
Faculty of Art Arts, Psychology, Media Creative Arts and Communication (Children's Lterature, Creative Writing, Creative Media, Future Journalism, International Communication), Security and Intelligence (International Security Studies, Policy Intelligence and Counter Terrorism), Society History Languages and Culture (Ancient History, Global Health and Development Studies, International Public Diplomacy, International Relations, Policy and Applied Social Research, Politics and Public Policy
Macquarie Law School Law, International Law Governance and Public Policy, International Trade and Commerce Law, JD
Faculty of Business and Economics Accounting and Corporate Governance (Applied Finance, Commerce, BBA, Professional Accounting, Business Analytics), Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies (Actuarial Studies, Applied Finance), Business Economics and Commerce (BBA, Global Business, Commerce, Economics, International Business), Marketing and Management (Marketing and Media) Macquarie Graduate School of Management MBA, Management, Social Entrepreneurship
Faculty of Human Sciences Education and Teaching(Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Special Education, Teaching), Health Professions (Human Sciences, Psychology, Clinical Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology), Linguistics Speech and Hearing (Speech Hearing and Language Sciences, Advanced Conference Interpreting, Applied Linguistic and TESOL, Translation and Interpreting Studies), Psychology (Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, Organisational Psychology, Professional Psychology)
Australian School of Advanced Medicine Advanced Medicine, Advanced Surgery, Clinical Sciences, Medicine, Surgery
Faculty of Science Earth and Environmental Science (Biodiversity and Conservation, Environment, Marine Science, Planning, Conservation Biology, Environment Planning, Marine Science and Management, Geoscience, Sustainable Development), Engineering, Informational Technology (e-Business, Information Technology), Medical Sciences (Chiropractic Science, Medical Sciences, Biostatistics, Radiopharmaceutical Science), Science (Science, Applied Statistics, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Business, Laboratory Quality Analysis and Management)
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