Monash University
地址:      Melbourne, Victoria 3145
Monash College語言課程:
Monash English--5, 每期學費2025澳幣
Monash English Bridging--課程期間5--15, 5, 每期學費2350澳幣, 入學標準依雅斯成績和就學課程而定
Introductory Academic Program--5, 每期學費1850澳幣, 入學標準為取得入學資格學生
IELTS Advanced--, 5週學費2025澳幣, 入學標準雅斯6.5分以上
Monash College大學先修班課程:
Standard Program --12個月課程, 學費24750澳幣, 入學標準雅斯成績5.5分以上, 另有學術標準要求
Extended Program --18個學期課程, 學費36000澳幣, 入學標準雅斯成績5.0分以上, 另有學術標準要求
Intensive Program--9個月課程, 學費24750澳幣, 入學標準雅斯成績6.0分以上, 另有學術標準要求
Diploma of Arts--課程分為Part I 學費為21250澳幣and Part II學費為23500澳幣, 期間都是2個學期
Diploma of Art & Design--課程分為Part I 學費為22250澳幣and Part II學費為24500澳幣, 期間都是2個學期
Diploma of Business--課程分為Part I 學費為23750澳幣and Part II學費為26250澳幣, 期間都是2個學期
Diploma of Engineering--課程分為Part I 學費為24250澳幣and Part II學費為27500澳幣, 期間都是2個學期
Diploma of Science--課程分為Part I 學費為24250澳幣and Part II學費為27500澳幣, 期間都是2個學期
Part I 入學雅思標準為5.5(no band below 5)以上, Part II入學雅思標準為6.0(Writing 6)以上
Art, Design and Architecture Architectural Design, Communication Design, Design (Communication Design, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Multimedia Design), Fine Arts (Art History and Theory, Fine Art Studio, Art History and Curating, Fine Art, Visual Arts), Interior Architecture
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Anthropology, Behavioural Studies, Communications and Media Studies, Criminology, Film and Screen Studies, Human Geography, International Relations, Journalism, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Politics, Psychology, Sociology), History (Ancient Cultures, History, Indigenous Cultures and Histories), International Studies (Australia in the World, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, International Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies), Languages and Culture (Chinese Studies, English as an International Language, French Studies, German Studies, Indonesian Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Ukrainian Studies), Music and Performing Arts (Music, Performance, Theatre, Creative Music Technology, Ethnomusicology and Musicology, Composition), Philosophy and Bioethics (Bioethics, Human Rights, Philosophy, Religious Studies), Global Studies (Global Cultural Literacies, International Relations, International Studies), Language (Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Latin American)
Business Business (Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Law, Business Management, Business Management and Strategy, Business Statistics, Economics and Business Strategy, Health Administration, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Marketing and Communication, Sports Management, Taxation, Tourism), Business Administration (Accountancy, Finance and Economics, Marketing Practice), Business Specialist (Accounting, Banking and Finance, International Business, Marketing), Commerce (Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Behaviour Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, Management Studies, Marketing Science, Sustainability), Commerce Specialist (Actuarial Science, Economics, Finance)
Education Education (Early years and Primary, Early Years, Primary and Secondary, Primary and Secondary Health and Physical, Primary and Secondary Special, Primary, Secondary, Secondary Health and Physical Education, Counseling, Adult Learning, Digital Learning, Early childhood, Educational Leadership and Policy, Expert Teaching Practice, General Education Studies, Inclusive and Special Education), Education Studies, Educational and Development Psychology, Leadership (Community Learning, Curriculum and Pedagogy, General Leadership Studies, Language Education, Organisational Learning, Principal Preparation), Professional Psychology, Teaching, TESOL
Engineering Engineering (Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer Systems, Environmental, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Mining, Software), Bioresource Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Transport
Information Technology Computer Science (Advanced Computer Science, Data Science), Information Technology (Business Analytics, Business Information Systems, Computer Networks and Security, Computer Science, Creative Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Games Design, Games Development, Information and Society, IT for Business, Mobile Apps Development, Multimedia Development, Software Development, Software Engineering, Web Development
Law Law (Business Law, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, Human Rights Law, Government Law and Regulatory Practice, Intellectual Property and Communications Law, International and Comparative Law, Law and International Development, Law Studies, Workplace and Employment Law)
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Biomedical Science Emergency Health (Paramedic), Health Science (Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice, Human Service, Public Health Science, Radiation Sciences), Medical Science, MD, Nursing and Midwifery, Nursing, Nutrition, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychological Science, Public Health, Radiography and Medical Imaging, Addictive Behaviours, Advanced Health Care Practice (Clinical Midwifery, Critical Care, CT Radiography, Occupational Therapy, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Primary Health Care, Radiation Therapy, Radiography), Biomedical and Health Science, Biostatistics, Clinical Embryology, Clinical Simulation, Dietetics, Emergency Health, Forensic Medicine, Health Administration, Health Professional education, Health Services Management, International Health, Medical Ultrasound, Mental Health, Reproductive Sciences, Social Work
Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Science (Drug Discovery Biology, Formulation Science, Medicinal Chemistry), Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice, Wound Care
Science Science (Biological and Life Sciences, Biomedical and Behavioural Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Physical and Chemical Sciences, Financial Mathematics
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