The University of Queensland
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General English--5, 每期學費2175澳幣
Advanced English Communication Skills--5, 每期學費2175澳幣, 入學標準雅斯5.5分以上
English for International Business Communication--5, 每期學費2175澳幣, 入學標準雅斯5.0分以上
ESP: TESOL--5, 每期學費2175澳幣, 入學標準雅斯5.0分以上
English for Academic Purposes--5, 每期學費2175澳幣, 入學標準雅斯5.0分以上
Bridging English Program--10週課程學費4950澳幣, 入學標準雅斯6.0分以上, 20週課程學費9900澳幣, 入學標準雅斯5.5分以上
Standard Program --9個月課程, 學費25900澳幣, 入學標準雅斯成績5.0分以上, 另有學術標準要求
Extended Program --12個學期課程, 學費30100澳幣, 入學標準雅斯成績5.5分以上, 另有學術標準要求
Express Program--一年學費22800澳幣, 入學標準雅斯成績6.0分以上, 另有學術標準要求
Agribusiness, Agriculture, Environment and Science Agribusiness, Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Conservation Biology, Conservation Science, Environmental Management, Financial Mathematics, Food Science and Technology, Geographic Information Science, Magnetic Resonance Techonology, Mineral Resources, Molecular Biology, Molecular Imaging, Occupational Health and Safety Science, Rural Development, Science, Veterinary Science
Business, Economics and Law Applied Econometrics, Business (Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Public Sector Management, Sustainability), Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Leadership, Commerce (Applied Finance, Electronic Commerce, Information Systems, Professional Accounting), Development Economics, Economics, Economics Studies, Economics and Public Policy, Executive Leadership, Global Management, Health Economics, International Commercial Law, International Economics and Finance, Laws, Project Management, Property Studies, Research Commercialisation, Research Methods, Technology and Innovation Management, Tourism Hotel and Event Management, Tourism Leadership
Engineering, Architecture and Planning, and Information Technology Architecture, Computer Science, Computer Science (Management), Energy Studies, Engineering (Chemical, Chemical and Biological, Chemical and Environmental, Chemical and Materials, Chemical and Metallurgical, Electrical, Electrical and Biomedical, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, Mechanical and Aerospace, Mechanical Materials, Mechatronic, Software), Engineering Science (Electrical, Software, Systems, Undeclared in Chemical Civil Materials Mechanical or Mechatronic), Engineering Science (Management), Information Technology, Information Technology (Management), Integrated Water Management, Interaction Design, Responsible Resource Development, Science in Petroleum Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning
Health Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Studies, Audiology Studies, Biostatistics, Clinical Dentistry, Clinical Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pharmacy, Dietetics Studies, e-Healthcare, Epidemiology, International Public Health, Medicine, MD, Mental Health, Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery, Nursing, Nursing Studies, Occupational Therapy Studies, Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Studies, Public Health, Speech Pathology Studies, Sports Coaching, Sports Medicine
Humanities, Education, Psychology and Music Applied Linguistics (Applied Linguistics, TESOL Studies), Applied Psychology (Counseling, Health, Sport and Exercise), Arts (Writing, Editing and Publishing), Arts in Chinese Translation and Interpreting, Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translation, Clinical Psychology, Communication (Communication for Social Change, Public Relations and Professional Communication, Science Communication), Counseling, Development Practice (Community Development, Development Planning, Planning for Social Development, Politics of Global Development), Education (Secondary), Educational Studies (Behaviour Management, Career Development, Curriculum Guidance and Counseling, Leadership, Supporting Diverse Learners), Governance and Public Policy (Governance and Development, Public Health, Public Management, Resource Management), International Studies (International Relations, Peace and Conflict Resolution), Meditation and Conflict Resolution, Museum Studies, Music, Organisational Psychology, Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Geropsychology), Social Work Studies, Teaching (Primary teaching)
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