Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
DEC (Direct Entry Course)--期分5、10、15、20、25、36週六種, 依 IELTS成績核定上哪種DEC, 每週學費550澳幣
OEP (Occupational English Proficiency)--10週40小時學費共900澳幣
Business English --6或11週課程, 一週學費450澳幣
General English --2-39週課程, 一週學費450澳幣 (依placement test 的成績決定開課時間)
Cambridge--11週課程, 一週學費450澳幣
Intensive Test Preparation--2-50週課程, 一週學費450澳幣
Architecture and Creative Arts: Architecture and Environments, Computer Science and Technology, Design Computing, Design in Architecture, Engineering Honours (Civil, Software), Information Technology, Music (Composition, Music Education, Performance), Music Studies, Visual Arts
Business: Media and Communications, Laws, Economics, Arts, Commerce, Project Management, Food and Agribusiness, International and Global Studies, Political, Economic and Social Sciences, Science
Law: Media and Communications, Arts, Design in Architecture, Economics, Engineering Honours, Information Technology, Science, International and Global Studies
Environment and Sustainability: Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, Architecture and Environments, Design in Architecture, Engineering Honours, Project Management, Environmental Systems, Food and Agribusiness, Science, Veterinary Biology
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