Australian National University
地址:      Canberra ACT 2601
ANU College語言課程:
Academic English Preparation--最低入學標準雅斯4.5, 10, 每期學費4500澳幣
Access English --一期10週學費5400澳幣
ANU College大學先修班課程:
Standard Program --2個學期課程, 學費25200澳幣
FS Extended Program --3個學期課程, 學費32000澳幣
Diploma of Computing--一年學費34944澳幣
Diploma of Liberal Studies--一年學費34944澳幣
Accounting Accounting, Professional Accounting
Actuarial Studies Actuarial Practice, Actuarial Studies
Anthropology Anthropology, Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development, Biological Anthropology, Culture Health and Medicine, Archaeological Science
Art History & Curatorial Studies Art History and Curatorial Studies
Astronomy & Astrophysics Astronomy and Astrophysics
Biology Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Neuroscience
Business, Marketing & Management Commerce, Business Information Systems, Business Administration, International Management, Management, Project Management
Classics Classical Studies
Computer Science & Technology Computing
Diplomacy Diplomacy
Earth Sciences Earth Sciences
Economics International and Development Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Economics, Applied Economics, Economic Policy, Health Economics
Engineering Digital Systems and Telecommunications, Mechatronics, Photonics Solar Energy Technologies
Environment & Resource Management Environmental Management and Development, Climate Change, Energy Change, Environment, Environmental Science, Forestry
Finance Applied Finance, Finance, Financial Economics
Globalisation Globalisation
Graduate Studies Studies
History History
International Relations International Relations
Law International Law, Government and Regulation, International Security Law, Law Government and Development, JD, LLM, Environmental Law
Linguistics & Languages General and Applied Linguistics
Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Sciences
Medicine & Health Sciences MD, Public Health, Translational Medicine
Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies Islam in the Modern World, Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
Music Music
Physics Nuclear Science
Policy & Governance Public Policy, Public Policy in Development Policy, Public Policy in Economic Policy, Public Policy in International Policy, Public Policy in Policy Analysis, Public Policy in Social Policy, Public Administration
Psychology Clinical Psychology
Science Communication Science Communication, Science Communication Outreach
Social Research Social Research
Statistics Statistics
Strategic Studies & National Security Strategic Studies, National Security Policy
Visual Arts Digital Arts, Visual Arts
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